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Our commitment extends beyond generic itineraries; Nucifera Tours specializes in crafting personalized experiences for every travel demographic. Whether you're a solo adventurer, a family seeking bonding moments, or a group of friends craving excitement, our tours are meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences. We prioritize balance, ensuring a harmonious blend of cultural immersion, leisure, and adventure. Elevating affordability without compromising quality, Nucifera Tours is dedicated to making Sri Lanka accessible and enchanting for all, striving to be the ultimate choice in bespoke travel experiences.

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We are a group of itinerants, adventure seekers, and nature lovers with an industry experience of 10+ years. We believe that globetrotting or your bleisure can be made far better if you choose the right place over the most famous places to visit and stay in.

Having roamed around the island for years and having experience in guiding our tourists for more than a decade, we have a vast array of attractions, activities and accommodation options that can make your vacation a memorable one.

Tropical Treasures

Coconut piles

We are based in Gampaha District, which is one of the three cities of the coconut triangle in Sri Lanka. With a culture that entwines with the coconut tree (cocos nucifera) and a climate that ensures an around the year harvesting, Sri Lanka is the fourth-largest exporter of coconut products to the world.

We work closely with the industry thereby helping the community of which the livewire is coconut. We encourage our travelers to visit our coconut supplying center in Attanagalla and have a first hand experience of the traditional ways we practice in plucking, dehusking, smoke-drying copra and extracting oil. You can have hands-on experience in preparing some Sri Lankan snacks from coconut with the locals as well. Our aim of being a supportive hand for the coconut industry and the economy of Sri Lanka, gave birth to Nucifera Tours.

Our Business Registration No: W/ATH/ 13234
Smoke drying copra
Traditional furnace
Raw coconuts
Coconut piles
Smoke drying copra
Traditional furnace
Loading coconuts to be distributed
De-husked coconut
Coconut saplings
Removing copra from shells
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