Frequently Ask Questions

Discover optimal answers to commonly asked questions about traveling to Sri Lanka. Our concise guide provides the essential information you need for a seamless and informed journey through this enchanting destination.

Do I need a VISA to enter Sri Lanka?
You need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter Sri Lanka. This is available on arrival,but it is recommended to apply online to save time. It only takes approximately 3 business days to get the ETA. Visit: https://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/visainfo for more information.
Is Sri Lanka safe to travel to?
The country is now at peace and is safe to travel. Our guides will ensure your safety while you travel with us. It is advisable to take special safety measures when engaging in adventure activities.
What is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka received rainfall from North-East monsoons and South-West monsoons. The peak season for the South and West is from November to April while the season for the North and East is from May to October. But as a tropical country, you have to expect sudden rain throughout the year.
Do Sri Lankans speak English?
English is widely spoken in areas surrounding Colombo. In other areas, the majority of locals understand English to a certain extent. Sign boards, details on public transportation and other required information are available in English at all places.
Do I need travel insurance?
Travel insurance is not mandatory to travel in Sri Lanka. This is subject to change with COVID19 or other pandemic situations. However, please check with the tour consultant at the time of travel, for updated details.
How to buy a local mobile connection?
You can buy a connection of your choice at the airport before starting your tour. Allow your guide to assist you
Is the Internet free in Sri Lanka?
Most hotels provide free internet facilities. You will find free services in some restaurants as well. On other occasions,it comes at a cost. When purchasing a local mobile connection, consult them to get the best package for calls and data.
Is Halal food available?
Halal food is available in most places. However it’s advisable to inform the tour consultant about your requirements at the time of confirming your tour with us.
What’s the voltage and types of plugs used in Sri Lanka?
The voltage is 220/240 volts. UK (Type G) or India (Type D) plug bases are used.
Is tipping mandatory?
Tipping is not mandatory but as a way of appreciation, it is advised to tip service providers if you’re happy with the services rendered.
What are the basic do’s and don’ts in Sri Lanka?
  • It’s handy to greet ‘Ayubowan’ when meeting someone for the first time.
  • Always request permission if you want to take a picture of someone.
  • Remove slippers and caps, and cover shoulders and legs when entering a temple.
  • Use your right hand to eat food if spoons/folks are not provided.
  • Always adhere to the rules and regulations when entering a national park, place of worship, or any other protected site.
  • Respect cultural diversity.